Mix Sonic Moon and Mix Sonic Star


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MIX SONIC is a font pair inspired by the night sky. You get a round, bouncy and plump decorative san serif in MIX SONIC MOON and an all-uppercase and moon and stars dingbat hybrid in MIX SONIC STAR. The shapes of these glyphs capture the various phases of the moon, and how it lights up eerily lights up the night sky at each phase. MIX SONIC MOON and MIX SONIC STAR are great additions to your font collection. Make it a go-to font for all your projects of the mystic, astrology, magic, zodiac, elemental, witchcraft or divine variety. Use together, or separately, both font sets are sure to delight!


MIX SONIC MOON comes with the following glyphs:

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • 0123456789 !@#$%^&*()`~♥❤✿•·
  • ÷×+−±≈=≠≥≤[]<>:;’”,.\|/?{}“”‘’-–—_…
  • ©®™‹›«»°¹²³ªº¡¿₱¢€£¥½¼¾¶§№†
  • áàâäãåăāąæćĉčçðđéèêëėēęĝĥıíìîïīįĵłńñňóòôöõōő
  • øœŕřśŝšşșťțúùûüůűŭūųẃẁŵýŷÿźẑžżþß


MIX SONIC STAR comes with the following glyphs:

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstu-vwxyz
  • 0123456789 !@#$%^&*()`~+=
  • []<>:;’”,.\|/?{}“”‘’-_‹›₱¢€£¥


Fellow witches, enjoy!



Hello, go type some words to try this Mix Font!


Hello, go type some words to try this Mix Font!

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