FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

I got one of your fonts from a font site (dafont, fontsquirrel, fontriver, etc), does that mean it’s free?

Yes and no. As a font addict myself, I’m quite familiar with these font sites. I uploaded a lot of my earlier fonts on I want to share the font love with others, so I put them up there. Most of my fonts are free for personal use—this means, you can use it for all your personal, “for fun” or school projects. If you start sharing your project with others, a little credit back to this site or a small donation might be enough.

Read what has to say about copyright and licensing here.


How do I know if what I’m doing is “commercial” use?

Now, here’s when it gets a little tricky. When you start earning off of whatever you use the font for, it starts becoming commercial. Keep in mind that this includes earning money whether directly or indirectly. This includes logos, magazines, printables, advertisements, YouTube videos, product packaging etc.


Why do I have to pay for your fonts?

I love making fonts, but do spend some time, effort and money on each one. Font designers are very much like photographers and illustrators. If you like a font enough to use it, paying for it is just the same as any other art expense.


What happens if I use the font commercially without paying?

I’m not going to sue you or anything like that. Unless you do something totally out of line! I truly do believe in the good of people, and share these fonts in good faith. ☺


How do you accept payment?

This site is currently set up with PayPal. So, you can via credit card, or bank transfer if you have your PayPal account set up that way. Should you need to pay through other means, send me a message via the Contact Page. We might be able to arrange something.


Are there any commercial uses you don’t approve of?

Mobile app font embedding is not covered by the commercial license. An example would be embedding or allowing software/app/program users to use a font for a particular output (photo overlay, collages, etc). Use of the fonts for this purpose will require different licensing.

A commercial license also does not cover analog distribution or similar digital product creation tools–using the font on any letterform products including but not limited to alphabet stamps or label machines. This means that the font in itself cannot be the selling point of your commercial products. This particular use of the font can be arranged with custom licensing.

I also prefer that my fonts are not used for adult content or to promote dangerous and illegal acts.


How many people can use the font? Can I share the font file?

The licenses are priced for an individual or typical small business. Businesses oftentimes refer to it as “one seat.” Should there be a need for the font to be used on multiple computers by multiple users, please do buy additional licenses as you see fit.


I noticed you don’t have a certain character as part of your font. Can you add that for me?

For the most part, yes! I typically add or fix characters as time goes on. If you need something added, just let me know!


Do you make custom fonts?

Yes! Send me a message via the Contact Page, so we can work something out.


How do I install the fonts?

After payment, you will receive a purchase receipt of your order. Click on the link to download your files. The ZIP files will automatically download once you click. Unzip each folder. Double-click on the TTF or OTF files to install. Once installed, the fonts should appear on the font lists of your programs, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop.


Do your fonts work on tablets or smartphones?

These fonts were created primarily for desktop or laptop use, on both Mac and PC platforms. There is no guarantee that they are useable on tablets or smartphones. If you’d like to overlay text onto photos or videos on your smartphones, install apps like Phonto, Vont or TextMask on your phone. All three apps are free. On the iPad, these fonts may work on apps like Procreate and Goodnotes.


I used your font when I sent an email, but the recipient didn’t see it as your font. Why?

When using fonts in an email, the recipient will only be able to view it if they have the same font installed on their device, too.


The ascenders and descenders of the font appear to be cut off on Microsoft Word. What’s wrong with it?

This issue has come up before, and we have determined that it’s actually a known Microsoft Word issue (read here). Rest assured that although it appears cut off on your screen, it will print “normal.” If you would like to address the display issue, you may adjust the line spacing or paragraph spacing to reveal the “hidden” ascenders and descenders.

We are continuously working on our fonts to rid of glitches and bugs like these. Should we upload an updated of a font you’ve purchased, you will receive a notification to download the new version.


How Do Those Colored and Textured Fonts Work?

The colored and textured fonts are called OpenType SVG Fonts. This font type maintains all the details, colors, and textures that the glyphs had when originally written out. Please note that this format currently requires at least Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 to work. It does work on some (but not all) MAC OS applications such as Keynote, Pages, and Microsoft Office. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other applications.

How do I update Mix Fonts to the newer updated version on my laptop or computer?

To update the font on your laptop or desktop, you must first uninstall, remove or delete the existing version.

1. Open the app Font Book (Cmd+Space, then type Font Book)
2. Locate the font that needs to be updated
3. Right-click on the font, and click on Remove “[Font Name]” Family
4. Download the updated version of the font, and unzip the folder
5. Double-click the TTF or OTF file
6. Click on “Install Font”

1. Navigate to Start > Run
2. Input the following command: %windir%\fonts
3. Locate the font that needs to be updated
4. Click on File > Delete, and click Yes when asked if you want to delete the font
4. Download the updated version of the font, and unzip the folder
5. Right-click the TTF or OTF file
6. Click on “Install”