hi, my name is mikko

I’m a type writer, in the literal sense.
I write type, then turn them into handwritten fonts.

I’m a digital creative, consultant, and entrepreneur. I have a unique blend of tech and craft skills, and I’ve found creative ways to monetize my craft and creativity.

As a creative professional with a passion for crafting, writing, and font design, I have always been fascinated by the art of penmanship and the endless possibilities of fonts. This passion began in my childhood and continued through my college years, where my classmates often sought out my notes because of my handwriting style.

In 2008, I created my first font, Mix Sans, and started submitting it to font sharing sites. I eventually started receiving donations and inquiries for commercial licenses. It was exciting to see my hobby turn into a marketable product and I have enjoyed seeing my fonts used on various projects, including book jackets, album covers, billboards, and movie trailers. In 2015, I officially started Mix Fonts as a way to share my font designs with a wider audience.

Apart from Font design, I work with other creatives and small businesses to help them find traction with their craft, creativity, and careers. I also run the craft blog I Try DIY, which has led to several published craft books in the US & Philippines. I’ve spoken at events like Design Week Philippines and partnered with brands like DMC and Fuji Instax for craft activities and events.

Before diving into the world of entrepreneurship, I worked in Human Resources for companies and advertising agencies in Alaska, New York City and  Metro Manila. I am a certified HR practitioner and continue to do consulting work, and counseling with creatives with their employment or freelance concerns.

I find that successfully creating and juggling multiple income streams, both active and passive, is one of my greatest achievements. My goal is to empower and enable other budding creatives to be able to do the same.