• Handwritten-Fonts-by-Mikko-Sumulong-Mix-Pinta
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Pinta-Sample-Uppercase
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Pinta-Sample-lowercase
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Pinta-Cover
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Pinta-ABC
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Pinta-Mockup

Mix Pinta

MIX PINTA was handpainted with a flat brush. The characters were then digitized, cleaned up, and converted into a font. WHAT YOU’LL GET -———————— – A ZIP file of the…

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  • Handwritten-Fonts-by-Mikko-Sumulong-Mix-Upright
  • Handwritten-Fonts-by-Mikko-Sumulong-Mix-Upright-Light
  • Handwritten-Fonts-by-Mikko-Sumulong-Mix-Upright-Bold
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Upright-Cover
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Upright-Styles
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Upright-ABC

Mix Upright

MIX UPRIGHT is a basic, handwritten, sans serif font family—a bundle of three different styles. This font family is perfect for handmade and DIY themed projects. WHAT YOU’LL GET -———————— –…

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  • Handwritten-Fonts-by-Mikko-Sumulong-Mix-Festival-Mop-2
  • Handwritten-Fonts-by-Mikko-Sumulong-Mix-Festival
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Festival-ABC
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Festival-ABC-Mop
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Festival-Sample-Lorem-Ipsum
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Festival-Reg-vs-SVG
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Festival-Doodles
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Festival-Overlay
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Festival-Cover

Mix Festival

MIX FESTIVAL was handwritten on Procreate for iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. The quick doodles were converted into this pair of fonts. This font is perfect for handmade and DIY…

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  • Handwritten-Fonts-by-Mikko-Sumulong-Mix-Hjarta-Pencil
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Hjarta-ABC
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Hjarta-Edge-ABC
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Hjarta-Pencil-ABC
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Hjarta-COVER-2
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Hjarta-Pencil-Doodles

Mix Hjarta

  MIX HJARTA was handwritten with a lead pencil, then digitized and converted into this trio of fonts. This font is perfect for handmade and DIY themed projects. MIX HJARTA, includes MIX…

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  • Mix Drybrush – Handwritten Fonts by Mikko Sumulong
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Drybrush-Cover
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Drybrush-ABC
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Drybrush-SAMPLE

Mix Drybrush

Mix Drybrush, was written with a nearly dried-out brush pen. Mix Drybrush, is an OpenType SVG Font file. This font type maintains all the details, color, and texture that the…

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  • Handwritten-Fonts-by-Mikko-Sumulong-Mix-Palmer
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Palmer-Cover
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Palmer-ABC
  • Creative-Market-Mix-Palmer-Quote

Mix Palmer

Mix Palmer, is my unsteady hand’s take on the Palmer Method. This was written with an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, using the Monoline brush from my Procreate Brush Bundle.   Before I…

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Mix Inline - Handwritten Fonts by Mikko Sumulong

Mix Inline

    Mix Inline, works really well with the Mix Modern Bundle. Mix Inline’s characters fit perfectly in each of Mix Modern Solid and Mix Modern Outline‘s glyphs.   The objective…

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Mix Afloat - Handwritten Fonts by Mikko Sumulong

Mix Afloat

    I get those fleeting, beautiful moments of inner peace and stillness – and then the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day, I’m a human trying…

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