Mix District

MIX DISTRICT is the type of handwriting you have when you’re forced to abide by certain rules. It’s that unusual mix of casual and stiff in one handwritten font. Mix…

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Mix Diary

MIX DIARY is a very personal handwritten font. It’s reminiscent of my teenage scribblings, secrets I could never tell anyone, only seen on pages of my secret diary. The diary kept…

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Mix Couch

MIX COUCH is a simple semi-script, handwritten while lazing around on the couch. Mix Couch includes the following characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 !@$#%^&*()`~ ÷×+−±≈=≠≥≤[]:;’”,.\|/?{}<>‹›‚„“”‘’-–— _…©®™«»†°¹²¡¿₱¢€£¥½¼¾¶§№ Maybe you don’t understand what…

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Mix Ordinary

MIX ORDINARY is basic, with a few little quirky letters. Other than that, it’s not quite extra, just a bit ordinary. Mix Ordinary includes the following characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789…

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Mix Heist

Mix Heist is a new quirky handwritten take on the classic font Ransom. It’s a mix of both uppercase and lowercase, and a variety of weights and thicknesses. Mix Heist…

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Mix Prints

Mix Prints is a handwritten sans serif, slapped with all sorts of patterns and prints. All the dots, dashes, shapes, spots and stripes come from this pattern bundle here: crmrkt.com/BR49xq…

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Mix Teapot

Mix Teapot is a handwritten sans serif, short & stout. This was written on an iPad using the Poppy procreate brush from my Procreate Lettering Brush Bundle. Mix Teapot includes…

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  • Guest-Fonts-on-Mix-Fonts-Macy-Schreef-by-Macy-Alcaraz
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Macy Schreef

Macy Schreef was handwritten by Macy Alcaraz. Macy is a freelance editor and writer. She’s been building websites since high school and hasn’t stopped since. When she’s not in front…

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Mix Basic

Mix Basic is just your basic everyday handwriting. This was written on a post-it using a fine tip Frixion pen. The font was then digitized, cleaned up, and converted into…

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  • Creative-Market-Adorkable-ABC
  • Creative-Market-Adorkable-Jam
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Mix Adorkable

Mix Adorkable was handwritten with on an iPad Pro using my Mix Streamline Procreate Brush. The characters were then cleaned up, and converted into a font. Mix Adorkable contains alternates…

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Mix Highlight

Mix Highlight was written with a neon Mr. Sketch marker, and outlined using a Micron Graphic 1 pen. It was then digitized, and converted into a font. Mix Highlight is an…

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